Uncle Elder's Family Restaurant

At The Stable . . . .

The History of THE STABLE
The STABLE structure was built in the early 1830’s. In the early 1860’s North-Central Virginia was one of the most hotly contested areas in the world. Culpeper’s strategic railroad location made it a significant supply station for Confederate and Union troops. As a highly prized position for both sides, the county witnessed more troop movement than any location in the nation. The control depended upon the town occupancy at the time. If under control of the North, the STABLE housed the likes of “Cincinnati”, ridden by General Ulysses S. Grant. If under Southern control, the STABLE boarded the famous “Traveller”, General Robert E. Lee’s beloved equine. Grant headquartered, Lee camped, Jackson fought and Stuart wintered in Culpeper County -- as did their horses. This historic building was a major quartermaster and blacksmith establishment in Virginia where armies would come for supplies, wagon wheel repair and horseshoe replacement during the Civil War. Directly across the street is where the STABLE barns were located.

Our Motto:

“... whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Cor 10:31